Suggest logo concept for my new site

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Suggest logo concept for my new site

Mesajgönderen JensenBreck » 2017/11/17 - 13:33


I'm going to start a design contest for my site's new logo, but I don't have any direction in mind, and I don't think it would be fair to everyone to have a contest without any idea of what I'm looking for.
The site is, and it's a forum/message board whose purpose is to provide a platform for German and English speakers to help each other with their language skills. It's for language students, people who need a second language for work, people who just want to pick up a few phrases for their holiday abroad, etc.

It's also for any German or English speaking person who either wants to learn German or English as a second language, so this includes people from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, etc.
So I want the logo to say that the site is about German and English language, but not about any particular nationalities.

For more details: app trailers
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